Jake's Mint Chew has a "no minors policy" and we encourage our retailers to sell Jake's Mint Chew only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.


Jake's Mint Chew: Non-Tobacco, All Natural, USDA Certified Organic

Baseball players, hunters, truckers, wrestlers, golfers, hockey players, campers, fishermen, hikers, people with digestive disorders….well, pretty much anyone that likes to chew something healthy, something mint, something fresh.
Jake’s Mint Chew!  Try some today!

Who Enjoys Jake's Chew?

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Tell Major League Baseball: It's time to knock tobacco out of the park!

Do you want a product that is healthy and simulates chewing tobacco? 

Jake’s Mint Chew is a non-tobacco, all natural chew made of mint instead of tobacco.   Jake’s Mint Chew packs like real chewing tobacco….not overly gummy like other brands.  It’s nicotine-free, good for your digestion, and good for your breath!  You can even swallow the juices instead of spitting on the ground. No one says you can’t enjoy turning a bad habit into a good one.  So try Jake’s Mint Chew today! Available in ten delicious flavors: Straight Mint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Kola, Licorice, Cherry, Blackberry, Brandy, and Cranberry. 

Try Jake’s Mint Chew today!  Chew healthy, chew mint!

Jake started small with his own greenhouses in Beverly, Massachusetts. Soon after, thanks to you, demand for Jake's Mint Chew® was overwhelming! Now, we purchase only the finest quality organic mint from growers all around the world. Jake's Mint Chew® is still made in the USA (Beverly, Massachusetts) using only the finest quality organic ingredients available. We hope you enjoy it! Chew healthy, chew mint®.

We hear Jake’s Mint Chew called all kinds of things; a satisfying chewing tobacco alternative, mint leaves/leaf chew, smokeless tobacco alternative/substitute, tobaccoless dip, tobaccoless chew, non tobacco snuff, fake chew, fake chewing tobacco, tobacco free snuff, fake snuff, and so on.  The bottom line is that the best way to quit chewing and dipping tobacco is to have a healthy mint alternative in your lip!  So, whether you’re from Oregon, Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida…wherever!  Now is the time to get hooked on healthy with Jake’s Mint Chew.  Chew healthy, chew mint!

If you are serious about quitting chewing tobacco, please visit our friends over at killthecan.org. They have great resources to help you or your loved ones to succeed.


JMC Staff treated to an amazing day at Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play, courtesy of Brandon Snyder - a grateful Jake's Mint Chew patron
"I have dipped for over 13 years and have had multiple failed attempts to quit. Playing baseball I am always around it and It's always a matter of finding something to take my mind off of the tobacco. That was until I tried Jakes Mint Chew. It's as close to the real thing as you can get and it's even good for you. Most guys will tell you quitting during the baseball season is next to impossible. But with the help of Jakes I not only have been dip free for going on 5 months of the season, I'm also having one of my best seasons! Thanks Jake"
- Brandon Snyder, Boston Red Sox